The Concept

Chef's Knife

“We're taking traditional dishes that everyone really knows... and we're tweaking them to make it a little healthier but still keeping them hearty.” — Chef Spike Mendelsohn

Our Story Fueling Your Ambition

All-day dining means that there’s something for everyone. The culinary genius who guides our journey to excellence is none other than the visionary Chef Spike Mendelsohn. His approach to the Vim & Victor taste is one that merges fully balanced flavors with premium ingredients. As you revel in the moment, engage in great conversation, or catch the game, select the dishes that excite your appetite. From appetizer to dessert, we’re all about making memories that spark the senses.

Our Food Tale of the Taste

We've paid special attention to the way you experience food. It's a moment that connects the senses in an encounter that should provide sustenance as well as delight. The combinations in our menus reveal the possibilities and display what premium ingredients can become. Our menus touch on every craving with dishes that are well rounded, robust, and decadent.

Honest Ingredients

A winning meal starts with incredible ingredients. Every recipe is composed of high-quality, hearty ingredients that have been carefully sourced and attentively picked. With freshness and flavor in mind, the components of each dish were chosen to deliver all the best in texture, taste, and overall satisfaction.

Our Menu Above and Beyond

Traditional dishes have never been served like this. Our menus offers an exciting twist on popular flavor profiles. We’ve teamed up with Beyond Meat products to offer plant-based favorites that everyone can enjoy. We’re selective about our ingredients and we provide a medley of imaginative and carefully sourced components that make up a winning recipe for every dish. Beyond Meat burgers, cauliflower nachos, and a delicious lineup of savory selections that satisfy your individual preferences.

As the perfect complement, our cocktails will take an excellent meal into extra innings. Elements of elegance and masterfully developed notes lead to a lasting finish. Signature cocktails and a generous assortment of the finest craft beers, whites, reds and more will lift your spirits.

Eating Well

Eating healthy food is essential for keeping up with an active life but that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy what you eat. Superfoods and nutrient-rich ingredients provide the energy that fuels your ambitions. Touches of sweetness, delicate blends, and splashes of seasonal goodness give new meaning to what’s healthy and delicious. Our wellness options are just as gratifying as they are nutritious.

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